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Oldies is a radio format that concentrates on rock and roll and pop music from the latter half of the 20th century, specifically from around the mid-1950s to the 1970s or 1980s. In the 1980s and 1990s, "oldies" meant the 15 years from the birth of rock and roll to the beginning of the singer-songwriter era of the early 1970s, or about 1955 to 1972, although this varied and some stations chose 1950–1969. After 2000, 1970s music was increasingly included, and early 1980s music is beginning to also be called "oldies", though the term "classic hits" is used to distinguish the "new" oldies (the Generation X oldies) from the "old" oldies (the Baby Boomer oldies).

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Thumri In Maanj Khamaaj Shreela Bandopadhyay Mian Ki Todi Shreela Bandopadhyay Yaman Shreela Bandopadhyay Kurai Ondrum Illai J.A. Jayanth Maitrem Bhajate J.A. Jayanth Yadava Raya J.A. Jayanth Sarangan Marugane J.A. Jayanth Bhavayami Raghuramam J.A. Jayanth Sri Chakra Raja J.A. Jayanth Inta Kopam Nava Ghana Ragamalika Varnam J.A. Jayanth Bhajanam Cheyvin - Bhagesri Raag - Adi Taal S. Mahathi Adum Chidambaramo - Behag Raag - Behag Taal S. Mahathi Unnai Andri - Rupakam Raag S. Mahathi Neethan Thunai - Ragamalika Raag - Misra Caphu Taal S. Mahathi Ekkadi Manusha - Bhouli Raag - Adi Tisra Nadai Taal S. Mahathi Narajanma Bandhaga - Madhuvanthi Raag - Adi Taal S. Mahathi Muraleedhara Gopala - Maand Raag - Adi Taal S. Mahathi Bairagi Todi Album Version Devaki Pandit Pameshwari Todi Album Version Devaki Pandit Aabheri Todi Album Version Devaki Pandit
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