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In religion, divinity or godhead is the state of things that are believed to come from a supernatural power or deity, such as a god, supreme being, creator deity, or spirits, and are therefore regarded as sacred and holy. Such things are regarded as divine due to their transcendental origins or because their attributes or qualities are superior or supreme relative to things of the Earth. Divine things are regarded as eternal and based in truth, while material things are regarded as ephemeral and based in illusion. Such things that may qualify as divine are apparitions, visions, prophecies, miracles, and in some views also the soul, or more general things like resurrection, immortality, grace, and salvation. Otherwise what is or is not divine may be loosely defined, as it is used by different belief systems. The root of the word "divine" is literally "godly" (from the Latin deus, cf. Dyaus, closely related to Greek zeus, div in Persian and deva in Sanskrit), but the use varies significantly depending on which deity is being discussed. This article outlines the major distinctions in the conventional use of the terms. For specific related academic terms, see Divinity (academic discipline), or Divine (Anglican).

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Apna Time Aayega Single Track DivineRoots Divine,Raja Kumari Gully Gang Freestyle Single Track Divine,Gangis KhanMere Gully Mein Divine Badla Amit Trivedi, Divine Waiting For A Boy Like You Divine Chillers Talking Music With DIVINE Single Track DivineScene Kya Hai Nucleya x DIVINE Nucleya,DIVINE Paintra DIVINE Paintra Extended Version DIVINE,Ravi Kishan Mere Gully Mein Mere Gully Mein Divine Mere Gully Mein Single Track DivineMere Gully Mein Mere Gully Mein Divine Jungli Sher Single Track DIVINEGenevieve Divine Chillers Farak Hai Single Track Divine,Harm ProductionsFarak Single Track DIVINEDaru Daru Single Track DIVINE,Gangis Khan,Deep Jandu,DIVINE & Gangis KhanDaru Daru Single Track DIVINE,Gangis Khan,Deep Jandu,DIVINE & Gangis KhanCity Slums DIVINE,Raja Kumari
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