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Happy Raikoti is an Indian(Punjabi) singer and lyricist. He has written lyrics for many punjabi singers. He wrote the song "Jaan" in 2014. His album "7 Knaalan" was released in 2015. Recently he has appeared in the movie Teshan.

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Left You Happy Raikoti Ardaas Karaan Male Version Happy Raikoti Muklawa Title Song Happy Raikoti Bai Hood Single Track Happy RaikotiYaar Jatt De Single Track Happy RaikotiTu Mil Jaaye Single Track Happy Raikoti,Mannat NoorRishte Pyaran de Single Track Happy RaikotiMain Ja Maa Single Track Happy RaikotiIk Suneha Single Track Happy Raikoti,Laddi GillTeeke Single Track Happy RaikotiNikke Nikke Khawab Single Track Happy RaikotiTop Top Single Track Happy RaikotiGulli Danda Single Track Happy RaikotiKache Pakke Supne Happy Raikoti Webley Happy Raikoti Wakh Happy Raikoti Top Top Single Track Happy RaikotiSochdi Tan Honi Ae Happy Raikoti Sir Khulde Happy Raikoti,Gurlej Akhtar Shagna Di Tyari Happy Raikoti
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